Today, robotics is the buzz word in the education sector. It is envisaged that 80% of the future jobs in IT and Electronics and Telecommunications will be on automation. Various movies on robots like Ra. One, I. Robot, Transformers, Terminator, Screamers, etc. have created a lot of curiosity amongst youngsters. Besides, children are more attracted towards robotics since, it mainly offers them creativity and innovation. Such traits of the students along with others such as logical thinking, analytical abilities, team work, leadership skills, problem solving abilities and many more are developed in the children who engage in learning robotics at the early age between 12 yrs. to 18 yrs.

We offer various learning programs on robotics ranging from Do-it-yourself kits to most advanced technologies in the robotics which involve designing, programming and building the robots by the students themselves. Various types of robots can be built using the indigenous technologies developed by our expert faculties who come from the robotics and automation industry.

Robotics using Lego Kits, Robotics using Do-it, Yourself Mechatronics Kits

Students in the age group of 10 yrs to 18 yrs. can participate in the robot building activities. Students are taught through structured educational programs to maximize their learning and teach them systematically the nuances of electronics and mechanical that goes in making a robot. Students are benefited immensely since these activities also cover their academic subjects such as Science and Mathematics. It has been observed and experienced that students who have undergone these programs, take keen interest in their studies and opt for Science or Mathematics of Engineering related higher studies.

Our expert faculties also help set up Robotics Labs in Schools and Engineering Colleges where continuous learning as part of academics is encouraged for every student irrespective of their interest in higher studies. This enables the fundamental development of the child during their schooling and helps them undertake in-depth knowledge of the school subjects. In addition, their analytical and logical thinking has also been observed to improve giving them the impetus to achieve more in life.

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